Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She ain't hefty, she's my baby!

My precious 7 month old baby girl was described as “hefty” this past weekend. She’s never been called that before. Chubby, yes. Soft and squishy, of course. But hefty? No, that’s a new one. When you think of the word “hefty”, you don’t often think of a beautiful and healthy infant. At least I don’t. But I’m not upset about it. In fact, I’m just the opposite. Every last one of her 17 pounds was the result of eating nature’s perfect food. Every soft and cuddly roll was formed because my gorgeous babe is given only the best nourishment a baby can get.

See these rolls?

And these thighs?

Yeah, it’s a result of this.

You think she’s hefty? I think she’s perfect. And I’m one proud mama.


  1. She's absolutely perfect (and precious)!

  2. Your awesome Stacy! So proud of you!