Wednesday, May 19, 2010


In an effort to forget the terrible two-ness that currently abides in our home, I'm remembering the wonderfulness of having a toddler.

* She loves me. No, she REALLY loves me. She told me so. "I love you SOOO much, Mommy", she told me the other day. I love you too, baby girl.

* She loves my cooking. She eats with such delight. I love watching her eat. She is very much like her daddy in that aspect. I love watching him eat too....he eats with such gusto. Like whatever he's eating is the most wonderful thing ever made. But E-Money really does think that whatever I make is the most wonderful thing ever made. She is always telling me how good it is.

* I just walked into my bedroom more than a dozen times so she could jump out from behind the door and scare me. And I had to act surprised every. single. time. It was so cute because I could hear her giggling before I would even make it to the doorway.

*She sings. All the time. She'll even try to sing along with you to a song you're making up right then and there. Yeah, she's THAT awesome.

* She tells me "Big girl!!" when I go potty. :) I remember what's fun about this age. Terrible Twos?? Nah...TERRIFIC Twos!!!

Until she writes on the walls again. *sigh*

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