Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Letting go, moving on, and becoming a better person

That is my mission. There are some people, situations, and things from my past (recent and not so recent) that I really need to let go of, get over, and stop harboring ill will towards. I'm not one to easily forgive and forget. I know it is commanded of me, but it is not easy. Instead, I hang onto it, let it fester, and then get mad again over and over. It's miserable. And, honestly, I hate letting it have so much power over me. Well, not anymore, folks. Yessiree I'm letting go, moving on, and becoming a better person. I have no control over other people. They are responsible for themselves. I can only change ME. And that's what I intend to do. I am already changing the outside. I've been exercising and eating better. And I'm doing that for ME. NOT for the people who like to focus on my weight. Seriously, people, get a hobby! Get another issue to focus on! In addition to my ever changing body, I'm also about to give myself a mini makeover. Hair cut, new make up and new clothes. I always feel better when I put a little effort into my appearance. The inside change will take a little longer. I really need to DEAL with some of the things that have happened. I'm actually kind of scared to deal with it, because I don't know what kind of emotions are waiting to get out. I know it's for the greater good, but it's going to be ugly for a while.

But watch out, because when the new and improved Mrs. Taylor emerges, she will be better than ever. Just hide and watch.

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  1. What a great post! I know how hard it is and can't wait to shed all the stuff holding me ya!