Monday, June 21, 2010

Poley Moley!!

My friend, Birdy, and I have been taking the initiative to get our booties in shape! We've been alternating between running/walking and pole walking. I really like the pole walking because not only does it work out the upper half of my body while walking, but it also is much easier on my hips, which haven't been the same since I was pregnant with C. It's a great overall workout. The only downside to it, is that we look like we're skiing. Yeah kind of ridiculous...but we don't care. However, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened. Birdy and I were trekking down the street on our way to the walking trails, and a van FULL of people pulled up beside us. The following exchange ensued:

Man: Excuse me ladies, but could you tell me which way the slopes are?
Me: [pauses] Heh.
Man: [insert uncontrollable laughing here]

Yeah...I'll bet that was the highlight of his day.

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