Monday, March 8, 2010

What a spectacle!! Part Deux

I was at the DMV the other day renewing my license, and the following exchange took place:

DMV Lady: Okay, Mrs. Taylor, look into the black box and read line 5 to me all the way across starting with the first box.
Me: Sure thing. (Peers intently into said black box). Umm...there is nothing in the first box.
DMV Lady: Step back and try again. You may just need to adjust your eyes.
Me: Okay. (steps back, focuses eyes, and peers intently into said box, once again). Yeah, there's nothing in the first box.
DMV Lady: Okay, start with the 2nd box then.
Me: Okay. (reads numbers to lady)
DMV Lady: Okay, now read the first box.
Me: There's still nothing in the first box.
DMV Lady: You might want to put your glasses on.
Me: Ok. (puts glasses on) OH....there it is. (reads numbers in 1st box)
DMV Lady:'re going to have a restriction on your license.
Me: *facepalm*

Restricted. Dang.

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