Monday, October 12, 2009

A special kind of stupid

Nobody tells you that when you get pregnant people can say whatever they want to you without much regard to your feelings. You'll get parenting advice, labor and delivery horror stories, inappropriate comments about your size, and of course the unsolicited belly rubs. So just for giggles I thought I would compile a list of interesting things that have been said to me thus far in my pregnancy. Here we go!

*Upon finding out we were expecting our 2nd bundle of joy, we received many of the "You know how that happens right??"'s. Um, yeah, and we were doing plenty of it, thanks.

*Upon finding out we were having another little girl, we received many "Oh...I'll bet daddy wanted a boy"'s. Um, actually we're really excited about E$ having a little sister. Seriously, can a family really be less than perfect if it doesn't have an equal number of males and females? Get a hobby.

*Upon finding out that we are having our 2nd December baby, one nice lady, who has her own December child, said "OMG, if I found out I was having another December baby, I would shoot myself in the head!". Seriously? You need therapy. STAT.

*I told a family member that due to having gestational diabetes and being on a semi-restricted diet, that I have actually only gained 1 lb (at the time). They said, "So what do you weigh now?" Yeah, nice try.

*A family member saw me about halfway through my pregnancy and commented on how nice I was looking. "You look great...I'm sorry, but when you were pregnant with E$, you didn't look very good." Wow. A compliment and an insult all in one sentence. Thanks Mom.

And these are MILD compared to what some women are subjected to during pregnancy. Got a story about when you were pregnant? Share it here!


  1. This is one of those "stalker comments", and although I don't really know you per say, we both know Christina Feiler. So I guess that makes this comment okay. :) But I happened upon your blog and it is HILARIOUS! I especially love this post. I LOL'd quite a few times. Keep up the awesome blogging!!! ♥

  2. Thanks Kelly! Friends of a friend aren't considered stalkers in my book :)