Monday, October 12, 2009

What a spectacle!!

I ordered my new glasses today. YAY! They're really nice and I think they look pretty good on me. Of course anyone would look good in frames with non-prescription lenses. But me? Yeah, I'm farsighted. And you know what that means right? That means that when I wear my glasses, my eyes appear larger than they actually are. And because I'm particularly awesome, my left eye is way worse than my right eye. Mmm-hmm. Are you giggling? You're giggling. Perfect. I know why you're laughing. You're laughing because not only will my eyes look twice their normal size, my left eye will appear twice as large as my right eye, making it approximately 4 times the size of my normal eye. I rock. I rock so hard that my eyes are literally bugging out of my head. Or so it appears.

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